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J.GOLD Mobile Beauty Salon

082 365 6858


21 Baron van Reede Street


JGOLD MOBILE SALON is a full service mobile beauty salon, established in 2016 by Magauda Siya Tuku..

JGold mobile salon prides itself in being able to provide 5star quality treatments in the comfort of the clients own homes, we also provide our treatments at places like the sports tournament, baby showers, bridal parties, gyms and at hotels and B&Bs that do not have such treatments..

With that being said, we have also recently opened a spot where our clients can to, space where they can feel right at home, bring their significant others along for maybe a date or just a catch up sessions..

Our expertise ranges from aroma therapy massage to our delightful deluxe pedicures which are guaranteed to rejuvenate and relax your spirit and sense.. 
Below is our pricelist...

Tell no: 082 365 6858
Contact person: Siya 
E-mail: julietpulengrapitse@gmail.com

Address: 21 Baron van Reede Street - Opposite Court House