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Rene Scribante Gallery

083 627 6757

083 627 6757


5 Baron van Rheede Street


René Scribante Gallery with Tersia Hoffmann and Ester Zonnestein, is the home of three local artists exhibiting their own work. It consists of a variety of art work done in oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolours.

René Scribante loves doing thick impressionistic impasto works of flowers, trees, and buildings of places she has visited. She recently added buildings of Cape Town to her art repertoire.

Tersia Hoffmann loves to paint flowers of which proteas are a favorite and also portraits with a romantic feel.
Ester Zonnestein’s art consists mainly of portraits of animals and birds, she also paints people with a special love for hand compositions.

Visit the René Scribante Gallery to experience a wide variety of art.
“for the love of colour” René Scribante


Tell nr: 083 627 6757
E-mail: rene@scribante.com

Address: 1 Queens Hotel Complex
             5 Baron van Rheede Street