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Karoo Struthio

022 921 2177

072 133 0444 (Adri Odendaal)

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Middelplaas Farm, Citrusdal



Karoo Struthio was started in 2014, when three families identified a need for a healthier and safer deli meat product.  The ostrich's meat has been identified for the health benefits it possesses  A state of the art meat processing facility had been built that adheres to the strictest of international standards, to ultimately provide to the customer the safest and healthiest deli meat product available anywhere in the world.


The products Karoo Struthio currently produce is the Ostrich Pastrami, Ostrich Smokes Roll, Ostrich Salami and the Ostrich Macon.  All of which adheres to the highest level of international food producing standards and protocols.  And all possess the unique and healthy attributes that is found in the ostrich.  Currently these products are available in 125g packets or negotiated bulk packs.

Contact details : 
Tell nr : 022 921 2177 (Hennie Van Zyl) 
Cell nr : 072 133 0444 (Adri Odendaal)
E-mail : sales@karoostruthio.com
Website : www.karoostruthio.co.za