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Kambro Diggers Theatre Group


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The Kambro Diggers is a performing arts company based in Oudsthoorn, comprising of Coloured actors who are classed as previously disadvantaged individuals. They started out through a development initiative and received their skills training in the performing arts for young adults from community members of Bridgton near Oudsthoorn in the Klein Karoo. The group of eight actors not only received skills training, but have also embarked on a journey of excellence and have created a special and unique niche, performing nationally.


During the training process which started in 2006, they were nurtured and groomed to be well-balanced and well informed new contributors to the economy of South Africa and empowered to be joint owners in their own business (Kambro Diggers Cooperation - registration nr: 2009/007810/24). Through this specific Cabaret group – entertainment and education is integrated to form educational theatre productions, which cater for audiences across a broad spectrum. These include and are not limited to national and international audiences, tourists, schools and learners, farm workers, corporations, arts festivals, disadvantaged communities, and the possibilities go on.