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FAQ was started in 1998 as an internet marketing company, building websites and generating traffic from the internet to those sites. FAQ is the owner of cozaNET, which was developed as marketing tool  to assist FAQ clients in getting their websites indexed by search engines. 

In August 2007 FAQ changed its focus to become an Internet Opportunity Creator. This is done in two ways:

  1. Assisting FAQ clients in building an internet marketing strategy, implementing and managing that strategy. Solutions such as search engine optimization, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, banner campaigns, newsletters, SMS campaigns, search engine submissions and building inbound links by using tools like cozaNET are used.
  2. Building and enforcing the use of the internet as a valid and useful marketing medium. Getting people with no web development training, to understand:
    • how the internet can be used to market a business. 
    • how the internet can be used to find products & services.
    • the value that internet marketing can bring.
    • that promoting the internet as a marketing tool, in itself can generate an income.